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MP3 Miles & Abbott - Burn Earth Burn

Komplettes MP3 Album von Miles & Abbott
Angegebene Spieldauer: 65:52
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2004-07-01
Kurz-Beschreibung von CDbaby: Burn Earth Burn is an original Sci-Fi Rock Musical that merges an engaging storyline with eclectic musical styles that range from neo-psychedelic rock, to acoustic ballads, to punk opera.

Käufer, die sich für (Pink Floyd The Flaming Lips Radiohead) interessieren sollten sich dieses Album anhören.

Weitere Informationen vom Distributor:
Russell A Miles (playwright/composer): Russell has been writing original music since the day he picked up a guitar in 1983. In the 80’s he had a strange haircut and played in local original rock bands Atomic Soldier, Salamadam, and The Urge. During the 90’s he focused way too much on his day job, but still managed to write a few songs chronicling his disdain for his role as a corporate pawn. Despite this, he was named a "Pro to Know" by Supply and Demand Chain Executive magazine, though he would have rather been profiled in Rolling Stone. After a move back to his home state of New Hampshire and reconnecting with his Urge bandmate and writing partner, Aaron Abbott, he entered the strange realm of sci-fi rock musicals. Russell encourages people to turn off their TVs and start creating their own art. He hopes all fans of music and musical theater will make an effort to support original independent works (Burn Earth Burn and others). Go to gigs of local bands, attend live theater, and buy independent works of art (including cds!).

Aaron Abbott (composer): Aaron began his musical exploits in earnest at the University of New Hampshire in 1986 with a Yamaha Portastudio keyboard and a blank cassette tape. In collaboration with fellow keyboardist and lyricist, Randy Hall, the technopop experiment known briefly as Truskin Fahrenheit was launched. Aaron was also busy producing short films including Toy Surprise and The Egg and I with Brian Coombes, Kris Gustafson, and Randy Hall. By 1989, Russ, Randy, Aaron, and Drummer Steve Zinck formed The Urge. In six months and with the addition of guitarist Colin Haley, 20+ original songs were written and performed at local venues and events. At the height of their creative arc, the bandmembers all graduated and entered the corporate ranks. Aaron joined a Fortune 500 chemical conglomerate and carved out his niche in environmental engineering. He quickly found himself involved in projects in England, China, France, and Mexico. In the late 1990’s, with wife, Vicki, he began a family and kept closer to home. All the while, Aaron wedged in time to record original music. Aaron knows that Burn Earth Burn is only the beginning.


Linette Miles (G-Pol/CloneWomb1212): Linette has been seen regionally in Tell Me On A Sunday, The Secret Garden, Guys and Dolls, I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change, South Pacific, Carousel, Grease, Nunsense and many others. (Name a show and she has probably done it). She has toured the United States as Mary in Ziegfeld, A Night at the Follies. Her favorite role is Maggie in A Chorus Line, which she has performed in the US, Canada, and Europe. She can also be seen on a national television commercial for CVS Pharmacy released May 2004. She is thrilled to be originating the dual role of G-Pol and her Clone in Burn Earth Burn. She is equally thrilled to learn that she is able to work with her husband, Russell, with minimal stress to their 15-year relationship. She dedicates her performance on the BEB cd to her two boys, Russell (5) and Ian (3).

Sarah O’Malley (Eceo/NavKiran): Sarah has played a variety of leading roles in over 25 productions in the Seacoast area of New Hampshire and Maine, including Mary Magdelene in Jesus Christ Superstar, Adelaide in Guys and Dolls, Guenevere in Camelot, Jan in Grease, Smitty in How to Succeed in Business.., and Polly in Crazy For You. In Boston, she appeared with Speakeasy Stage Company in the New England premieres of Stephen Sondheim’s Passion and the wildly successful, award-winning Bat Boy: The Musical, which enjoyed an extended engagement at the Boston Center for the Arts last season. Sarah also performed in the revues Back to Bacharach and David and Show You a Thing or Two at the Copley Theatre in Boston. Sarah continues to perform with award-winning artists Kent French and Ron Roy in various public and private cabaret venues throughout New England. She resides in seacoast New Hampshire with her husband, Tom.

Ben Hart (Kitat): Ben has appeared on numerous stages around the seacoast with community and professional companies, including Seacoast Repertory Theater, Player’s Ring, Hackmatack Playhouse, Garrison Players, and Rochester Opera House. Past roles include Linus in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Dickon in The Secret Garden, Javert in Les Miserables, School Edition, Joseph in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Hugo in Bye Bye Birdie and many others. Ben earned a NH Theatre Award nomination for his portrayal of Ugly in Honk!, and has also been nominated twice for the Seacoast Spotlight Best Actor award, in 2002 for Jack in Into the Woods, and then in 2003 for Hermie in Summer of ’42 and Max in The Tooth Fairy’s Daughter. He has been a high scorer and featured soloist at both the All-State and Jazz All-State music festivals for the past four years. Ben is thrilled to be able to take part in the creation of a new musical, and he would like to thank both Russ and Linette for getting him involved!

Alison Stewart (AB): Alison feels privileged to be part of the Burn Earth Burn project and has enjoyed watching a promising new musical take form and come to fruition. Alison’s performing credits include touring the country in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. She played Sister Amnesia for a year in the Boston run of Nunsense and Nunsense II. After receiving her Masters degree in Elementary Education and embarking on a teaching career, Alison spent a summer at Hackmatak Theater playing Maria in the Sound of Music and Ado Annie in Oklahoma. She also enjoyed a summer at the Publick Theater in Boston performing Isabel in Pirates of Penzance. Some of Alison’s favorite roles include: Lizzie in Baby, Mabel in Pirates of Penzance, Shelby in Steel Magnolias, Hermia in A Midsummer’s Nights Dream, and Hodel in Fiddler on the Roof. Alison’s most challenging and rewarding role in the past two years has been playing the mother in The Toddler Tantrum and most recently, due to popular demand, she reprised the role of mother in Take Me Back to the Big Yellow Poop. Although she has yet to be nominated, she is hoping to receive many awards for these roles.

Tami Burns (Chief): Tami teaches Music in Rye, New Hampshire. She has performed all of her life and most recently in Honk!, The Tooth Fairy’s Daughter and Johnny Fish and Other Ambitious Beginnings. Her next project is a murder mystery. Tami loves singing and has thoroughly enjoyed her work with Burn Earth Burn. Her deep, soulful backing vocals have added color and substance to the studio recordings on the Burn Earth Burn cd. Tami believes that original music is fascinating and exciting to be a part of.


A radiant being of light appears. She explains how she was once the human called AB. She tells of what happened in the final days - before the Sun expanded and engulfed the Earth. Before the last of the humans were converted to beings of light.

Act 1
Earth, 2333: Two sisters debate the state of the human race. G-Pol Tokni believes that we began as one - originating in the cosmic Singularity01. Her sister, Eceo, contends that humans continually drift further apart - like the expanding universe itself. The argument remains unresolved and G-Pol takes her leave. Eceo, president of UBOTMA (the world’s largest corporation), leads a secret meeting of her key investors. She shares her twisted vision of a Perfect Planet02 in which she is the ultimate authority. At the end of her speech, she sends her two most trusted bodyguards, the Chief and AB (Assistant Bodyguard), to spy on her sister G-Pol, the reformist leader of United Earth’s government. Eceo is concerned that G-Pol’s populist politics might undermine her plans to create a "perfect planet". G-Pol has other matters on her mind. As she makes her way to the United Earth Forum, she has Sinking Feelings03 that a clone created from her DNA nearly thirty-three years ago will soon be euthanized.
Flashback to 2313 (twenty years earlier): AB describes how G-Pol’s "CloneWomb", Alone04 in a chamber, gives birth to a baby boy who is immediately taken from her. Back in 2333: the ubiquitous holographic celebrity known as NavKiran leads a group of clients through a Tour05 of the Mother’s Milk Fetal Gestation Facility (a subsidiary of UBOTMA Inc.). She pauses at CloneWomb’s chamber to describe how clones are raised, housed, and used as surrogate birth mothers. After the tour, CloneWomb wonders why, unlike the other drones in her pod, she can think and Feel06 like a normal human. But she has little time to dwell on her fate; presently, she must hook up to The Milking Machine07. Later that evening, CloneWomb listens in fear as the clone housed adjacent to her is "humanely destroyed" by an automated disposal unit.

Act 2

AB describes how the two sisters have been left Alone08 in the world as G-Pol and Eceo prepare for the funeral of their father, Vakno Tokni. G-Pol delivers a eulogy highlighting Vakno’s humble beginnings, his creation of the UBOTMA Corporation, and his heroic contributions to society. Including the commercialization of Quark Fusion - the "free" energy source that put an end to war, poverty, and starvation worldwide. After the ceremony G-Pol’s son, Kitat, a brilliant young scientist, is cornered by his Aunt Eceo and pressured to join the UBOTMA Terraforming Group. He refuses and reflects on how he feels as if he is Falling Down09 each time he hears Eceo speak. AB, secretly in love with Kitat, watches from a distance as he exits. Eceo turns her attention to G-Pol. The two sisters share bittersweet memories of their father. The conversation soon sours as they discuss G-Pol’s political support of Clone’s Rights. Eceo exits in order to attend to business at UBOTMA Corp. G-Pol is left alone to ponder her father’s death, and wonder why she has been unable to Feel10 emotion since her clone was created. Later that evening, in his research lab, Kitat makes a startling discovery: in three days the sun will rapidly expand, engulf the Earth, and incinerate it.
The next morning, CloneWomb learns from a holovision broadcast that the Clone’s Rights legislation has passed and she will soon be set Free11!

Her euphoria is short-lived, however, as the very next transmission delivers news of Kitat’s horrific discovery. Back in his lab, Kitat works feverishly on a solution to the solar expansion problem. He hijacks a holovision broadcast and explains to the masses that, in thirty-six hours, he will transmit a photonic conversion beam through the holoscope networks that will transform all those watching from "beings of matter" to "beings of light".
Meanwhile, Eceo is delivering a message of her own to the UBOTMA Investors and does not hear Kitat’s latest broadcast. She is busy laying out a plan for Damage Control12 in response to the "solar expansion" news. The Chief interrupts Eceo and informs her of Kitat’s plan to save the masses by means of a photonic conversion beam. Eceo orders the Chief and AB to find Kitat and convince him to join her or be eliminated.

AB finds Kitat working in his lab. She tries to convince him to join Eceo’s crew but he refuses - despite the warning that he will be killed. Conflicted, AB leaves the lab, but quietly returns wearing a weapon glove. She touches it to the back of Kitat’s head and he crumples lifeless to the floor. AB cradles Kitat in her arms and professes her love for him through her tears.
Eceo appears on a nearby holovision screen and delivers a message to the masses, describing her heroic plan to re-start the human race at UBOTMA’s terraforming outpost on Uranus. She bids the masses a cordial Goodbye13, but the broadcast is not well-received. CloneWomb is watching the broadcast and is infuriated that only an elite few will be saved while the masses will be left to burn. Now she will never get her chance to be Free14.

Act 3

Kitat awakes - Alone15 in a clone chamber with a splitting headache. AB had knocked him unconscious and secreted him (and his lab equipment) to this safe place. Kitat declares he is No Messiah16 in response to the masses raising him up as a "scientist savior". CloneWomb hears strange noises in the adjacent chamber (recently vacated by the euthanized clone). She speaks to the new occupant through a connecting air vent. She discovers that it is Kitat - and learns he is likely her first-born child. She is overjoyed and doubly happy that he is the one destined to save the masses and finally set her Free17.

Meanwhile, Eceo confronts G-Pol and questions her about Kitat’s whereabouts. G-Pol refuses to divulge Kitat’s location and tries, unsuccessfully, to convince her sister that Kitat’s plan is the best course of action. Angered, Eceo reveals that their beloved father actually caused the current solar crisis by rocketing String Particle X, a hazardous bi-product of Quark Fusion energy, into the sun. Even worse, he did this knowing that this means of disposal would cause the sun to expand prematurely. His plan was to escape to the Alpha Station Base on Uranus with a chosen few, leaving the masses to burn on Earth. At first, G-Pol is dumbfounded by this revelation, then fights back, pushing Eceo to the ground. Eceo’s storms out vowing that G-Pol will Burn18 with the masses and her "photon freak" son. Carefully avoiding Eceo, AB enters and discusses with G-Pol how to best support Kitat in the final hours. AB learns that Kitat may not show it, but he does have feelings for her.

Over at launch platform five, Eceo prepares her spacecraft for the journey to Uranus, unaware that she will soon be Trapped19 by a rioting mob seeking to escape the approaching sun. Just before lift off, the angry mob storms the rocket and pulls it to the ground, killing Eceo and all those on board in a violent explosion.

With time running out, Kitat continues to work on his photonic converter with AB by his side. He runs a final test, but blows a critical fuse. He believes all is lost, then realizes that he can bridge the circuit with his own body. He sends AB out to find a replacement fuse, knowing that he will never see her again. He must face this final sacrifice Alone20. Speaking through the air vent, he asks CloneWomb to give his love to AB and then sends a final message through the holoscopes instructing the masses to prepare for photonic conversion. Kitat bridges the circuit with his outstretched arms and kicks the switch. He writhes in pain as the power surges, then suddenly becomes blissfully still as a strange and brilliant flash of light fills the room. Just as the flames of the sun are about to engulf the planet, all are filled with the New Light21. They feel their material bodies melt away as they are transformed into photonic beings. All souls are merged. There is no more pain, greed, or hate - only light and love.

All become as one.

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