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MP3 K-9 - Barking for the First Time (Single)

Komplettes MP3 Album von K-9
Angegebene Spieldauer: 22:39
Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2004-08-03
Kurz-Beschreibung von CDbaby: This is new hip hop. Something from someone you never heard before. The beats are very catchy. And all of it was done by the artist himself. We representing the Dirty South, ya heard.

Käufer, die sich für (Kanye West Andre3000 from Outkast Tupac Shakur) interessieren sollten sich dieses Album anhören.

Weitere Informationen vom Distributor:
Biography of K-9
By:Angeler Fils
Date: 7-26-2004

I was born on September 17, 1986, in Rochester, New York. As a kid I never would have thought that one-day I would want to be a rapper/producer, or even start my own company. To begin my story though, another person must be brought into the picture. Javell Fleurival, AkA:DICE.

Back in the fall of 1998 at Avon Park Middle School in FL, my cousin DICE had a group called The Convicts. It consisted of his four closest friends (him included), and me as the tag along. I saw that unlike many others, DICE had a plan. He looked up labels, promoters, clubs, anything that had to do with music, so I followed them. With all the school and grades to keep up with, the group fell. Later on that year my family went to NY to find work. We spent almost two months and came back. Those two months I spent writing songs.

I first started writing when I was twelve. At first I used people music and wrote off that. By my eighth grade year I tried coming up with a name for myself. There was Iceburrgg, Black rose, Black diamond, Black, and Vokab. While writing down names for groups and more options for my name, the word canine came to mind. It wasn’t until I had to perform an original song in church that I used K-9 as my name. Now that I had a name, I really started writing.

Now producing. I started producing in 1999. Looking through a Vibe magazine, an ad by Talent 2k said, "Send demo and you could get a record deal." After a month of begging my parents, they bought me a keyboard, a four-track recorder, tapes and a mic. My first sounded nasty. Over a period of time my beats got better. A summer at the University of South FL, in Tampa, changed it all.

See I am a migrant student and a lot of times going back and forth from NY to FL, can get you behind in school. To help me, a summer program for migrants, caught me up in school. During my stay, there was a talent show for anyone and everyone who had talent. One of my teachers who helped me in practice said that I should start my own company. His first words were "K-9 Productions." That name brought a new phase in my musical life. This was where all the books, papers, and magazines came in. From that point on I told people, "Don’t hear my Bark, Feel my Bite."

Well my life story is almost over and a new life is beginning. I hoped to one day to be the brain that Tupac says "Will Change the World." I am 17, gradated High School, working at McDonalds, and trying to fulfill my dream of being a rapper/producer and starting my own company, K-9 Productions. With your help this can be accomplished. Until the next time I’m K-9 and remember, "Don’t hear my Bark, Feel my Bite." One.

Who is Knine Thadunna
By Angeler J. Fils

!! Note to reader: What you are about to read is true!!

Who is Knine thadunna? To answer that question I must tell you that they are two different personalities and mean two different things. If you know me then you know that I’m a person of metaphors. K-9 means, "Don’t hear my Bark, Feel my Bite", which means "Don’t hear what I say, see what I do." The only reason that I can give you of why I chose this as my name or what it meant is because way before I had a cd or was even serious about being a rapper, I preached to people about how I was gone get a deal and shit like that.

I was like in 7th grade when I got down with the whole music thing but the message ain’t start ’til I was in 9th grade. This was back in 2002, I think. Every year after that people would ask me "When my cd gone come out or who signed me." I never could give them an answer so I just thought to myself that maybe if I get on my grind and do this for myself then I might could make things happen. I hooked up with Talent 2k. If you ever looking in the classified section of hip hop magazines, then you might see their name. The ad said something bout getting a deal so I got with it. I spent $750 on some fucking bull shit. I made a demo and all that for them. If I ain’t tell you yet, what they do is shop you around to labels and stuff. Like I said, I spent 750 for nothing. With a four track and a Casio keyboard I made my first demo and sent it to them. Get a letter back saying they like my shit and want to shop me to record labels. That 750 I told you about paid for that. Days, weeks, months go by, no answer. Every now and then they’d send a letter saying how many people heard the demo. Nobody picked me up or nothing. This was back when I ain’t know a damn thing about the industry, music biz, or nothing.

Almost 8 months go by and to my surprise a letter come in the mailbox talking bout some label want to sign. Me not knowing shit wanted to sign quick, but my momma was feeling iffy about so we got a lawyer to look at it. She did that because they was asking for $2500 plus I had to make my own cd and mail it to them. A lawyer out in Miami called Barry Oliver Chase looked at the contract. He told us that according to the laws of the music biz, they can’t ask for money from me first. The company pays me then I pay them back. I got real mad, mainly because I didn’t get a deal and $750 was wasting on some fucking fake shit. Since then I’ve been reading books magazines anything about the industry.

Around that time I came up with the name K-9. (Before that it was Iceburrgg.) I wanted a slogan or a phrase to go with it. Something that was catchy, something that when you heard it made you bounce back. That’s where the phrase "Don’t hear my Bark, Feel my Bite" came from. I made up business cards and everything so people could know me and what my name was. The funny thing about my name was that I never had a dog, and didn’t know much about them. The only thing I knew was that I needed to separate myself from the affiliation of it just being about dogs, so I added Thadunna to it. This was a word I made up that meant a person who gets the job done. See you might say you gonna make that money, but thadunna got that money. It’s the difference people who run they mouth ’bout shit they never gone do and the people that do that shit plus the other person’s shit. The only problem was K-9 and thadunna had to share one body. Me. I was Angeler Fils, K-9, and thadunna at the same time. What made it even worse was that we all were different from each other. I was who I am; a brother, a son, and rapper, K-9 was the rapper who wrote the songs and made the beats, and thadunna was the businessman.
This is how I put it: Angeler is the body, K-9 is the heart, and thadunna is the brain.

If you still reading you probably think I’m crazy but I’m not. See the way I see it is in a psychological sense. All those people are in my mind. Like at times in my head I can be on stage performing, doing a video shoot, or being interviewed. That’s K-9. Now to set it straight I, Angeler Fils was always me but in my mind I was a superstar and all that. I never acted different or changed personalities, it just stayed in my mind. I always made sure I controlled what was in my head from what was really happening. Yet like everybody, I slipped. I really didn’t slip; it was just that as a person I was becoming a different human being. At times I would feel like I hated certain people, particularly white people, and would let it on other people. On the real note I love white people, I love everybody. There ain’t no favoritism with me, only that fact that I’m more comfortable with people just like me. Black people. For almost three years I was like this (being three people in my mind). I still am but on a different level. It’s hard to explain because though I never explain it, people can never seem to understand where I coming from.

If you asked people, they’ll tell you that I’m the nicest person. And I am. I’m a whole bunch a people in one body. That is why I understand a lot about life because I understand a lot about people. Living in and living off my mind caused me to be able to understand myself more fully, and the world around me. Right now I’m working hard on getting my album done and on the streets. I feel that K-9 Thadunna is the people’s rapper. I’m for and about the people because I am the people. If anybody listens to any of the songs you see, feel, and hear that I’m trying to connect with the people. I want when you listen to K-9 that you feel free, like you can do what you want, say what you want, or whatever. The true feeling I want is that when you listen to a song like "One Girl" or "Pushing God Away", a piece of me is in you. From the moment that you play the cd to when it stops, a piece of me is in your heart.

I hope that now you know who Knine Thadunna is and that a piece of me is in your heart forever. To anyone who read this far, "Thanx". If you didn’t, it’s cool. The last thing I’m gone say is this; "To the fans that I might have, to all the purchasers of this single and the album, I in music live because of you. You are the best and you’ll never be forgotten be me. Much love to all of y’all. One

Article(s) in the near future: Me and Music, a True love.

Also...: poems, lyrics, and photos soon.

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