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MIDI Keys: Sexy Strings (MIDI Loops)

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"Leider haben wir nur eine englische Beschreibung:"

'MIDI Keys: Sexy Strings' features awe-inspiring Classic Disco string loops in MIDI format. Expertly arranged and programmed, this collection provides the icing on the cake for serious producers of Disco/House! Also contains stunning original MIDI string compositions professionally arranged for mult-sampled string plug-ins.

'MIDI Keys: Sexy Strings' is the latest addition to Smash Up The Studio's renowned 'MIDI Keys' range of products. This pack is unique in the sense that never before has there been a collection of MIDI string loops anywhere near approaching this level of performance and authenticity!

Any professional programmer will tell you that strings (especially Classic Disco riffs) are by far the most difficult instrument to recreate using a MIDI keyboard. Firstly, you need to be able to play them on a keyboard, but this is just the start.

Every note played must then be intricately edited. Note lengths, velocity and position must be in order to produce the kind of natural seamless performance that a real string orchestra and conductor make sound so easy.

This library focuses in the main on the Classic Disco era of the mid to late 70's and early 80's where strings were an essential part of most productions. The great thing about these kind of loops are their timeless qualities and the ability to remain contemporary in today's Disco/House scene.

As well as complex marcato leads, there are soaring melodies, lush legato chord progressions, synth string loops and pads and intricate Disco phrases of the highest quality.

Also included in the pack are a selection of original string compositions. These mouth-watering pieces are fantastic for dramatic intros or endings and MIDI has been provided for both a full string ensemble, and also for each of the separate elements, Violins, Violas, Cellos, and Bass so you can build up all the parts separately for a far more convincing richer sound.

Musical scores for each section are also included should producers wish to record these compositions using a real string orchestra.

There are a number of multi-sampled string products on the market these days and for the production of these demo tracks, Smash Up The Studio decided to use Native Instruments' "Session Strings Pro" which was easy to use and produced some excellent results!

Included is an "optimise performance" PDF in the pack which provides tips on how to get the best results from MIDI string loops and plug-ins.

For the demo they also asked the producer to lay down some electric piano and bass loops to help show how easy the strings can slot into a mix situation. These bonus loops have also been included in the pack.

All loops are key and tempo-labelled for your convenience and are divided into three folders. Legato Strings for your smoother styles, Marcato Strings for your classic accented Disco phrasings and Synth Strings where loops are played in the style of the early string machines such as the classic "Solina String Ensemble" by ARP.


- 112 MIDI String Loops

These are all your classic Disco string loops and phrases, chord progressions and pads.

- 10 MIDI String Compositions

Each composition contains separate MIDI files for each section, with Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses, as well as a MIDI file for a complete String Ensemble. Also comes with musical scores for each section as a PDF.

- Bonus Loops

These are the Electric Piano Loops and Bass Guitar Loops used in the demo, in MIDI format.


- Royalty-Free

Produced and performed by Steve Burton exclusively for Smash Up The Studio.

Steve Burton's keyboard work can be heard on many great RnB mixes, by artists such as Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Babyface, Jodeci, Sounds Of Blackness, B.M.U, Destiny's Child, and Lemar, to name a few.


Smash Up The Studio's 'MIDI Keys' range of products contains only MIDI files, no audio files or drums.

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